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Board of Commissioners - About

Whitehall Township The Board of Commissioners is the chief legislative body of Whitehall Township. Its seven members are elected at-large for four year terms. The Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners have, but not by way of limitation, the following powers and duties:

  • To make appropriations, incur indebtedness and adopt the budget.
  • To adopt, amend and repeal an administrative code.
  • To create, alter, combine and abolish any township agency or agencies, with the exception of a department authorized by the Charter and any committee appointed by the Township Mayor under Article V, Section 5.08 (M) of the Home Rule Charter.
  • To levy taxes.
  • To fix the amount of bonds for officers and employees, which bonds shall be paid from township funds.
  • To adopt by resolution all rules and regulations necessary for the governing of its own activities and procedures and for assuring the proper conduct of the business of the township.
  • To make or cause to be made, such studies, investigations or audits which it deems necessary or to be in the best interests of the township.
  • To make provisions for any matter of township government not otherwise provided for.

Commissioners must be residents (minimum one continuous year preceding the election) and qualified voters of Whitehall Township and must reside in the township throughout their terms of office.

  Board of Commissioners
Term Expires
   Thomas Slonaker
   President 2024
   Jeffrey J. Warren
   Vice-President 2027
   Randy Atiyeh
   Secretary 2027
   Alberta J. Scarfaro
   Member 2025
   Ken Snyder
   Member 2027
   Elizabeth N. Fox
   Member 2027
   Robert Piligian
   Member 2025

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