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Building & Codes

Whitehall Township Building/Construction
Whitehall Township has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code and enforces same locally. This Code regulates all building, plumbing and electrical work. Permits are required ANY TIME alterations or additions are made to your property and ANY TIME electrical or plumbing work is performed.

Permits are also required for ANY change of use or occupancy of a building (including when you sell your home or rent an apartment). All permits must be secured by the individual doing the work. This means that, in all instances, where a contractor, electrician or plumber is involved, they must secure the permit, regardless of what any agreement between you as the property owner and the professional states.

The cost of a permit is nominal and significant costs could be incurred if ordinances are ignored.

All permits must be secured PRIOR to commencing work. In addition, depending upon the extent of the work being done and the volume of applications received, permits may take anywhere from five to fifteen business days to be issued. It is very important for you to plan ahead.

If you are a business proposing to establish your facility in Whitehall Township, there are a number of permits and procedures required prior to occupying or using a structure and opening for business.

As of 2012, Whitehall Township has contracted ALL INSPECTION AND PLAN REVIEW for all new construction, alterations and additions to a third party agency, Keycode Inspection Inspection Agency ( All questions regarding construction, codes, plan review, inspection and permit and approval status should be directed to their offices at 610-866-9663. No inspections are scheduled in-house and no permits will be issued without Keycodes approval. However, all paperwork is still submitted to, and issued by the Township once approved by Keycodes. Permits Required include (but may not be limited to) the following:

Building Permits
For any proposed alterations, interior or exterior, a building permit must be secured.

  1. Electrical Permits - required for any electrical work and for any electrical signs.
  2. Plumbing Permits - required for any plumbing work. Work must be done by a plumber who is licensed by Whitehall Township
  3. Sprinkler Permits - required for any sprinkler work.
  4. Energy Code Compliance
  5. Mechanical Permits (i.e., HVAC, etc.)

Other Permits

Use Permit
Provides certification that proposed use is in accordance with regulations of the zoning ordinance and the zoning district in which the site is located.

Sign Permit
Needed prior to erection of any sign or prior to any alteration of existing sign's.
(including change of face)

Certificate of Occupancy/Occupancy Permit
Required prior to occupying structure (whether residential or commercial) or opening of business.

*EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 2022 - CO INSPECTION FEE for initial inspection of any COMMERCIAL or INDUSTRIAL space will be as follows: $150.00 for each 1000 sq. ft.or less - plus $20.00 for each additional sq. ft. or less. This will include a minimum of 2 inspections.

**2024 PLUMBING LICENSE RENEWALS Click for more Information HERE

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The Codes division of the Bureau of Planning, Zoning and Development enforces all regulations contained in the Codified Ordinances of the Township not classified as zoning or police matters that deal with property maintenance. For example, the township regulates the height of uncultivated weeds (15"), where and how you may store inoperable vehicles, dumping or depositing of any type of garbage or debris, growth into rights of way, as well as many others.

The Code Enforcement Officer responds to complaints that are covered by these regulations, and issues notices and orders for non-compliance, and where necessary, issues citations through the District Magistrate.

In addition, the Codes Enforcement Officer conducts the vast majority of re-sale inspections for single family and multi family residential properties throughout the Township. If you are selling or leasing your home, you are required to have an inspection performed and a new certificate of occupancy issued each time the home is offered for sale or lease, regardless if there are multiple tenants in a year. In addition, the Township requires that all non-owner occupied properties have designated a LOCAL responsible agent with offices or residence at a location NO MORE than 10 miles from the boundaries of the Township. This individual must be available in times of emergency and authorized to accept legal service on behalf of the owner.

For more information see the 'forms and documents' tab.

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