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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Contact Info & Staff

Whitehall Township The Bureau of Planning, Zoning and Development is here to provide direction and assistance to the residents and commercial business owners of Whitehall Township.

These services include:

  • All phases of building inspection
  • Zoning and Codes Enforcement
  • Direction in opening a business in Whitehall Township

The Bureau is divided into the following divisions:
ext. 1134 or 1138

Building & Construction
ext. 1131

Keycodes Inspections

ext. 1155 or 1131

Surveying & Engineering
ext. 1158, 1162 or 1138

Codes Enforcement
ext. 1133 or 1131

Contact us when you want to...

  • Build or alter any structure
  • Subdivide or redraw the lot lines for your property
  • Sell your house, rent an apartment or lease a building space (whether it is residential or commercial)
  • Start up a business in a commercial space, on vacant ground...or even in your home
  • Install or alter sidewalks
  • Open or vacate a street
  • Secure an address assignment
  • Find out, generally, "Can I do this on my property?"

Planning, Zoning & Development Staff
Dial 610-437-5524 and then the extension.

Lee Rackus
Bureau Chief
ext. 1134

Operations Secretary
ext. 1138

Christopher Gittinger
Zoning/ Codes Officer
ext. 1155

Chris Jandris
Development Clerk
ext. 1128

Jenna Bowman
Permits Clerk
ext. 1131

Carl Lagler
Township Surveyor
ext. 1158

Gary Weaver
Engineering Liaison/Utility Locator
ext. 1162

James Murzdeck
Codes Inspector
ext. 1133

Derek Woodis
Codes Inspector
ext. 1123

Keycodes Insepction Agency
Electrical, Energy, Residential Building, Mechanical and all COMMERCIAL INSPECTIONS
610-866-2664 Fax

For more info on Keystone Inspections and their fees click on:

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