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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Public Works - About

Whitehall Township The Whitehall Township Public Works Department is comprised of over 32 employees, including managers, mechanics, equipment operators, skilled tradesmen and laborers, who are responsible for street maintenance, sweeping, repair and resurfacing, landscape maintenance/mowing of township properties, storm sewer inspection, repair and installation, construction of minor structures and maintenance of all township-owned buildings.

The Vehicle Maintenance Department repairs and maintains the township's automobiles, police cars, fire trucks and heavy equipment. Principal functions include:

  • Street Maintenance: Over $1 millon dollars are spent on repair, reconstruction and repaving Township streets each year. In the winter, the department mobilizes crews to plow, de-ice and clear township roadways. The township's crews also prepare streets to be resurfaced by a private contractor, a process which takes a great deal of the year.

  • Maintenance of Township Properties: Public Works crews maintain the Municipal Building, Police Headquarters, Recycling Center and hundreds of acres of land. They also maintain the fleet of vehicles used by township personnel.

  • Maintenance of Storm Sewers: Township crews maintain, clean and install storm sewers.

For questions or requests of the Public Works Bureau, please call (610) 437-5524 Ext.1139.
Monday thru Friday 7AM to 3PM.
From 3PM to 4:30PM dial Ext. 1100

Sheldon Christman, Bureau Chief, Ext.1140

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