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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Public Works - Snow Removal

Whitehall Township The Township’s dedicated plow operators work long hours during the winter. Snow is plowed to the curb and driveways do become blocked but this is a reality of plowing streets.

Township employees go home after long hours of plowing and clear their driveways the same as everyone else.

  • Do not shovel, plow or blow snow into or across the street after the street is plowed.
  • Clear fire hydrants by your home.
  • Clear a path for children to get on the school bus.
  • Make hired contractors aware of the rules.
  • All snow contractors need a business license in the Township.


Anyone who sees such activity should call the Lehigh County Communications Center at 610-437-5252.

Plows will push the snow from the center of the street to its sides. If snow continues to fall for twelve or more hours, the plows will be working to keep travel lanes open for emergency vehicles. Pushing the snow back to the curb will be done after the snow stops. Main Streets will be done first; secondary streets are next; alleys, last. MacArthur Road, and several other roads in the Township, are state-maintained and are not under the control of Whitehall Township.

Please bear in mind that it is imperative that streets be plowed as wide as possible in order to facilitate plowing during subsequent storms. Therefore, snow will, depending on circumstances, end up on some sidewalks, especially during periods of heavy snow accumulation. Snow placed on your sidewalk is never intentional.

Wet or lumpy snow rolls off the plow quicker, even at slow speeds. When shoveling, it is only necessary to make a pathway of one to two feet in width in order to permit pedestrian access. Residents and businesses have twenty-four hours from the end of the storm to shovel their walks.

During heavy snowfalls, for your own protection, you are encouraged to clear hydrants in your general area.

Bus stops are generally placed at street intersections. Whenever possible, a property owner with a school bus stop adjacent to their property is encouraged to make a path so that children can safely board the bus.

Snow Emergency Routes

This is a reminder to residents who live on Snow Emergency Routes in Whitehall Township, to adhere to the Snow Emergency Ordinance Article VI- 15.57-15.63 which states when a snow emergency is declared, residents must remove their vehicles from the designated Snow Emergency Routes in Whitehall Township.

The snow emergency plan relies heavily on the cooperation of residents. Parked vehicles left on snow emergency routes will cause both delays in service and potential safety concerns. The cooperation of residents is essential.

CLICK HERE for Designated Snow Emergency Routes

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