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3219 MacArthur Road / Whitehall, Pa 18052

Boards and Commissions

Whitehall Township The Township of Whitehall depends on its elected officials and its volunteers to make our community thrive. Our volunteers are the best and there's always room for more! If you would like to share your time and talents with many of your fellow residents, click here for an application form. All applications are kept on file for one year. Here's a list of the many, diverse opportunities from which to choose!

Board Of Commissioners

The Whitehall Township Board of Commissioners is charged with the responsibility of being the chief legislative, appropriating and policy-determining governing body of Whitehall Township.

Building Code Board Of Appeals

Hears appeals related to the building, plumbing, and electrical codes of the Township.

Civil Service Commission

Prescribes, amends, and enforces rules and regulations pertaining to all officers in public service.

Coplay-Whitehall Sewer Authority

This Authority is organized jointly with the Borough of Coplay to acquire, hold, construct, improve, maintain, operate, own, and lease sewers, sewer systems and sewage treatment works, including works for treating and disposing of industrial wastes.

Environmental Advisory Council

Identifies environmental problems, recommends plans and programs for protection and improvement of the environment, and recommends possible use of open land areas and promotes community environmental awareness.

Ethics Board

Considers questions of ethical conduct and conflict of interest and issues advisory opinions on the same.

Industrial & Commercial Development Authority

Fosters and promotes the development of new, expanded and rehabilitated industrial, commercial, manufacturing and research and development enterprises within the township.

Ironton Rail-Trail Oversight Commission

Responsible for the development, improvement, promotion, and oversight of the Ironton Rail-Trail.

Park & Recreation Board

An advisory board to the administrative and legislative branches of the township government relative to the township's recreation needs.

Planning Commission

Ensures that all plans are in compliance with the rules and regulations established by the township.

Plumbers Examining Board

The Plumbers Examining Board provides testing for new Journeyman and Master Plumber Licenses, as well as hears appeals regarding plumbing licenses.

Police Pension Board

Oversees the management of funds of the police pension.

Recreation Commission

Advises the Board of Commissioners on the use and allotment of any money and/or land received through development within the township.

Tax Appeals Board

Hears appeals based on the local tax assessment by the township.

Traffic Impact Advisory Committee

Responsible for reviewing, overseeing, and implementing the township's Traffic Impact Regulations pursuant to Pa. Act 209 and the Municipalities Planning Code.

Whitehall Township Authority

This Authority is charged with the construction, operation, maintenance, establishment and service of water systems and water to a portion of the residents of Whitehall Township. This Authority shares the responsibility of providing water service to our residents with the Northampton Borough Municipal Authority.

Zoning Hearing Board

Hears requests for relief from the mandates of the Whitehall Township Zoning Ordinance.

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